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Par­nas­sus, Nashville’s new inde­pen­dent book­store, offi­cially opened yes­ter­day to much fan­fare. It’s not sur­pris­ing, given the incred­i­ble amount of advance pub­lic­ity locally and nation­ally: a front page story in The New York Times and Publisher’s Weekly; in the Novem­ber issue of Gar­den & Gun; in; the Chris­t­ian Sci­ence Mon­i­tor and NPR. This is due, […]

Federer, Kirkus!, and The Agony of Beginning

I’ve been a shitty blogger—my last entry came right after the U.S. Open final—although I have an excuse (upcom­ing) but must first pat myself on the back for my pre­science. In my pre­vi­ous post, I’d said of the Rafa/Nole match that it was “a con­test…”: painful, at times, to watch, really excru­ci­at­ing to behold, because […]

A Few Thoughts on Nadal/Djokovic XXIX

If the 2011 U.S. Open tells the seri­ous fan any­thing, it’s that men’s ten­nis is now a three-way con­ver­sa­tion between Djokovic, Nadal, and Fed­erer. In the semis, Fed’s slash­ing, quick­sil­ver offense, his amped-up serve, musketeer’s move­ment, and better-than-ever back­hand once again brought Novak to the brink, and the best arti­cle I’ve read about Roger’s second […]


At Nashville’s Sta­tion Inn last night, caught The Time Trav­el­ers, who were joined by the incom­pa­ra­ble Vince Gill. They called up a guest from the audi­ence, a gor­geous Swede named Miranda, the lead singer, she explained, of a country/western band back home and, in an accent so heavy the crowd feared for her upcom­ing performance, […]

Back in the Saddle

Back in Nashville after nearly a month in New York (where I took the time to insult Bill Ryan yet again) and, after sev­eral days of unpack­ing and unbury­ing myself from mail, plus host­ing my father, who made the drive with me, I’m happy to report I’ve offi­cially com­menced work on my next novel. Its […]

Overnight to Many Distant Cities

Note: You can click on any image to enlarge. A group of Chi­nese in brown jack­ets pre­ceded us through the halls of Ver­sailles. They were middle-aged men, weighty, obvi­ously impor­tant, per­haps thirty of them. At the entrance to each room a guard stopped us, held us back until the Chi­nese had fin­ished inspect­ing it. A […]

A Few Thoughts on Nadal – Djokovic XXVIII

You either grew up dig­ging on DC Comics or Mar­vel (I’m a Mar­vel guy); your after school TV show was either The Brady Bunch or The Par­tridge Fam­ily (Mar­cia, Mar­cia, Mar­cia); sick at home you watched The Price is Right or Let’s Make a Deal (Bob Barker and his harem). Risk or Strat­ego? Nike or […]

In Stores Now!

Ladies and Gen­tle­men pub­lished today, a very excit­ing event indeed, though my kids greeted it like any other aver­age Tues­day. Mean­while, to inau­gu­rate the event, we’ve made some changes to the web site. Hope you dig them. Cur­rently I’m gear­ing up for my book tour, which begins next week at Nashville’s Down­town Library and takes […]

Midnight in Paris

A short post writ­ten from the City of Light. Doing sev­eral days’ worth of inter­views in the run-up to French pub­lisher 10/18’s Sep­tem­ber release of Mr. Peanut. (By the way, the paint­ing at left is by Amer­i­can H. Craig Hanna, whose work I saw today at a gallery on Rue du Bona­parte. It’s sim­ply astonishing.) […]

Ladies and Gentlemen!

I can’t say for cer­tain whether or not this is my new book.  Maybe some­one hacked my com­puter. I sure as heck wouldn’t post some­thing like this on Twit­ter. Any­way, Ladies and Gen­tle­men, my upcom­ing story col­lec­tion, hits stores June 28. In tan­dem, this web­site will change a bit, so watch for that redesign. Mean­while, here’s […]