In Stores Now!

Ladies and Gen­tle­men pub­lished today, a very excit­ing event indeed, though my kids greeted it like any other aver­age Tues­day. Mean­while, to inau­gu­rate the event, we’ve made some changes to the web site. Hope you dig them. Cur­rently I’m gear­ing up for my book tour, which begins next week at Nashville’s Down­town Library and takes me to the west coast for the first time. Check the list of sites and do come out if I’m in your city. Bring a cam­era and we’ll take many embar­rass­ing mug shots. There’s noth­ing I enjoy more than meet­ing and talk­ing with read­ers, and over the next few weeks, I’ll be reg­u­larly blog­ging about my expe­ri­ences. I also hope you caught my turn on The Book Lady’s Bare Neces­si­ties series as well as my book rec­om­men­da­tions in The Daily Beast’s Book Beast. Here, as well, is Ladies and Gen­tle­men dis­cussed on Ann Kingman’s Books on the Night­stand pod­cast. Finally, some inside dope: I’ll be appear­ing on CBS’s Early Show this Fri­day. Check your local listings.