Mr. Peanut Vintage paperback cover

“Mr. Peanut” is a hybrid won­der, being at once a detec­tive story, an arch gloss on that genre and a bravura romance, totally upended, that employs the pos­si­ble mur­der of one’s wife as a means of reveal­ing the man­i­fold facets of truest, des­per­ate love. All this is dri­ven by the edgy sparkle of the prose, which acts not only as a mir­ror or lens but as an accel­er­ant, light­ing up every layer of his char­ac­ters’ con­scious­nesses to a degree that feels almost dangerous.

—Chang-rae Lee, By the Book

“The most riv­et­ing look at the dark side of mar­riage since Who’s Afraid of Vir­ginia Woolf?…It induced night­mares, at least in this reader.  No mean feat.”

—Stephen King, on Mr. Peanut

“[The] sto­ries in this vol­ume are old-fashioned, almost O. Hen­ryesque tales that point up … Mr. Ross’s extra­or­di­nary gifts as a writer. Not only does Mr. Ross pos­sess glit­ter­ing pow­ers of descrip­tion and a heat-seeking eye for emo­tional and phys­i­cal detail, but he’s also able to cap­ture the way peo­ple talk today with flu­ency and panache.“

—Michiko Kaku­tani, The New York Times

”…all-­enveloping tales, well paced, tense and dri­ven by effort­less prose. Read­ing them, you often want to leave the room before things get out of hand. But the sto­ries are too riv­et­ing to aban­don, the kind that make you ignore repeated calls to dinner.“

—Dean Bakopolous, The New York Times Book Review

What makes [Ladies and Gen­tle­men] elec­tri­fy­ing is the author’s knack for lur­ing his char­ac­ters into emo­tional danger…He has man­aged to wed the mas­ter­ful plot­ting of Ray­mond Chan­dler with the exquis­ite char­ac­ter­i­za­tion of Ray­mond Carver, to prove once and for all that exhibit­ing a deep empa­thy for your char­ac­ters deep­ens the thrill as they, and we, bar­rel toward their fates.“

—Steve Almond, The Boston Globe

Adam Ross, Author photo: Eric England